Innovative healthcare design


Memory Cafés: A space to reminisce & relax

14th July 2015

Memory cafés help in the resurrection of old memories, not just by the visual ambiance and decoration, but in the associated activities. It is a fitting place for socialising, mental activity and most importantly reminiscing...

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Outdoor spaces: give service users more than just fresh air

5th May 2015

Innovations in garden design can aid those to get the most out of outside areas.

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Quality from start to delivery

14th April 2015

Hill Cross recently received some excellent feedback from a residential care home.

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How to Improve care home standards based on CQC guidelines

11th February 2015

1 in 5 care homes for older people in England fail to meet set national standards for safety and care. Here we highlight some of the key areas which can be improved with specialist furniture in order to offer a tangible way to improve service and meet guidelines.

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What are memory boxes?

6th January 2015

Although Memory boxes are often thought of a new concept, here we discuss there uses and history

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